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Why do you need Professional Liability?


Home Inspectors Application
The truth of the matter is that no matter hard you try, you will make a mistake eventually.
We all hope that it is a small one. For the small business owner, even small mistakes can
cause big problems. This is especially true for home inspectors. The value that you are
details in the inspection can trip you up.

here is the math-

Each Home- 2000 data points (things to look at and evaluate)

99% Success rate in finding and notating problems

each house has 20 things you Miss

100 Home Inspections x 20 Things
Home Inspectors Application

2,000 things you miss per 100 Inspections

99% of the missed things not important and cosmetic

each 100 inspections has 20 things that are serious to some degree or another.

Over 10 years at 100 inspections per year. you have 200 things that can/will trip you up.

and this is a slow inspector.
Busy inspectors have 2 to 3 times the problems....

(and BTW, you will never be 99% effective)

Does my BOP cover for my Professional Liability?

The short answer is NO. BOP is a standard package of insurances that helps a small business owner with
their general needs. These policies SPECIFICALLY exclude professional liability. What this mean is that you
NEED to get additional insurance to cover this potential risk.
Why Pay More?

Since you are going to need this coverage, why pay more? First indemnity has been in the business of
helping small businesses protect themselves for over 15 years. We know what you need and we can
generally save you money while increasing your coverage. How? We know the risk better than most and
are better able to evaluate you, your business, and give you a better price.

So what are you waiting for? Fill out our quick 15 minute application and save yourself up to 30% from your
existing Professional Liability Coverage.

Just because you should have something does not mean you need to pay more than you should.

Home Inspectors Application