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The Basics
Drones are referred to interchangeably by various names:
• UAS – Unmanned Aerial Systems
• UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
• RPAS – Remote Piloted Aerial System
The system refers to the Platform (or aircraft), the Payload (such as a camera or sensor) and the Ground Control Station.
UAS is the term the Federal Aviation Administration has adopted.

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The UAS Industry in 2015
Much has been written about the potential for UAS. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) predicts $83bn economic impact over the next 10 years creating 70,000 jobs. Furthermore, they anticipate 175,000 UAS in commercial use by 2035. Global Aerospace has seen submissions from each of the following industry sectors:

➢ Conservation ➢ Real Estate Presentation ➢ Home/Building Inspections

➢ Agriculture ➢ Forestry ➢ Photography/ Videography
➢ Conservation ➢ Forest Fire ➢ Home Inspections
➢ Construction ➢ Mapping / Survey ➢ Search and Rescue
➢ Disaster Relief ➢ Mining ➢ Security
➢ Defense / Border Patrol ➢ Movie / Media ➢ Sports Teams
➢ Energy ➢ Municipal Authorities ➢ Utility Companies
➢ Engineering ➢ Parcel Delivery ➢ 3rd World Medicine Delivery

Current Regulatory Overview
According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), no UAS can be flown for business or commercial purposes
without specific authorization. Such authorization can be obtained via either a Certificate of Airworthiness (for public
entities) or by Special Exemption under Section 333 of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform Act (for commercial
entities). So far the FAA has granted approval for around 500 public and numerous commercial entities.
While insurance is available for operators who do not hold FAA approval, Global Aerospace is applying similar risk
mitigating criteria to that outlined in the FAA’s Notice for Proposed Rulemaking. This includes ensuring appropriate
operator experience and managing de-confliction from persons and property.
Underwriting Considerations

Policy Form Coverage
Global Aerospace has a policy form and range of endorsements designed specifically to meet the needs of UAS customers.
A common policy would include:
• Physical Damage to the aircraft, any payload items and ground equipment (subject to a deductible or excess)
• Liability to Third Parties
• Premises Liability
• Medical Expenses
• Coverage for damage arising out of malicious damage or other war perils.

Personal Injury and Privacy Coverage
Coverage against Invasion of Privacy is currently only available on a limited basis and depends upon the professionalism of the operator and underwriting considerations listed above, as well as specific information relating to the storage and distribution of images and data.