Save up to 30% off your existing e and o and insurance-New Inspectors a preferred class!
Why do you need errors and omissions insurance?

Why do you need errors and omissions insurance?

Being a Home Inspector means having claims. There are just too many details per house and your responsibility goes for too long. Having errors and omissions insurance coverage is an integral part of protecting your business, your personal assets and your financial future.

Accusations of negligence or the failure when you perform your inspections are things you can be sued for, even if you have not made a made a mistake.

3 Key things to do to protect yourself

1) Make sure you have limitations in your contract/PIA for time and money.

2) Take a TON of pictures. Why? Change in condition claims are the most prevalent and hardest to defend without pictures.

3) Get E and O coverage. Why get E and O when you put a limitation on your liability? Because contracts are only as good as the money you have to enforce the contract. We are there to help you enforce your contract in those instances when you cannot resolve the matter yourself.

Home Inspectors E and O

Errors and Omissions Insurance for Home Inspectors----

New Inspectors a preferred class!

Sample Premiums with a $2,500 Deductible

Sole Practitioners

Sample Premiums

  • $700-$1,200 for $100,000/$300,000
  • $1,000-$1,500 for $250,00/$500,000
  • $1,250-$1,750 for $500,00/$500,000
  • $1,500-$2,500 for $1,000,00/$1,000,000
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    Included Coverage

    • First Dollar Defense
    • Errors and Omissions
    • Defendants Reimbursement (up to $10,000 per policy period/$500/day max)
    • Referral Coverage (all referred customers, not just real estate agents)
    • Soft Commercial coverage, buildings up to 300,000 Square feet
    • Radon
    • General Liability
    • (Tail Coverage) Available for Retirement/Non-Practicing
    • Disciplinary Proceedings Defense (up to $10,000 No deductible)

    Optional Available Coverage

    • Pest and Dry Rot

    • Lead Paint

    • Pool and Spa

    • Radon

    • Premises Liability

    • Mold Sampling

    • Infra-Red/thermography

    • Washington State 2 year ERP

    • Franchisor Additional Insured I

    • Industrial

    • Septic Line Inspections

    • Water Quality Testing

    To Qualify

    • Be a sole Practitioner
    • Take 50+ Pictures/Inspection
    • Create your reports on a computer
    • Have No Claims in the last 5 Years.
    • Get a signed per-inspection agreement for each inspection

    Click Here for Home Inspectors Errors and Omissions Application

    We also have programs for Drones, Mold/Environmental Consultants, energy Auditors and Inspectors who only conduct I/R Inspections.

    See the applications page!